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Educational Resources

Pearl S. Buck International is committed to educating the community about the life and legacy of our founder. Below are several educational resources to help you learn everything there is to know about Pearl S. Buck.   

Teacher Resources

The Pearl S. Buck House is where East Meets West, and educators are presented with opportunities to enhance students’ learning experience while meeting state academic standards. A variety of downloadable resources for use in your classroom are organized by subject matter area. Ideal for use as pre and post visit activities to help enhance students' visit to the Pearl S. Buck House National Historic Landmark. Click here to view them all!

If you are unable to download any of these materials from our website, please e-mail Marie Toner at and a packet of materials will be sent to you.

Class Trips

The Pearl S. Buck House offers a multicultural learning experience where students will meet state academic standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, PA History, US History, World History, Math, and Science. Learn More

Outreach Programs

Bring the life and legacy of Pearl S. Buck into your classroom through one of our exciting outreach programs!  Each program allows students to explore the themes of humanitarianism and multiculturalism while fulfilling PA academic standards in language arts, geography, and history.

Other Resources

Exposing the Beams: A Virtual Exhibit of the Pearl S. Buck House
Read the Pearl S. Buck House blog for our Artifact of the Month and monthly E-Facts post!
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