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Project Location: Pampanga Resettlement Area, Angeles City, Philippines.

Target Group: 120 sponsored children ranging in age from 5-16 years old, their mothers, and their entire families in the resettlement area comprised of tribal minorities (Aetas) and bi-racial children and youth. The majority of these mothers, particularly the Aetas, did not complete secondary education..

Project Need: The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia that has a high rate of malnourished children and mortality due to poverty and various illnesses in poor communities. The number of undernourished Filipinos has increased by two million in the past two years, according to a study, jointly undertaken by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Program, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. While many Filipinos live in poverty, there are many foods that are affordable and rich in nutrition and this project hopes to teach people that having a limited budget does not mean their food choice is limited.

Project Outcome: The goals of this project are to educate the mothers of families about their children’s nutritional requirements, decrease the number of malnourished children, and increase nutritious yet affordable meals prepared at home. This project will establish a vegetable and fruits garden and a community-based support system whereby parents, local government officials, and licensed dietician and nutritionist will work collaboratively.

To evaluate this project, the Community Development Officer will weigh each child monthly to gauge the impact of the feeding program and assist families with finding solutions for problems that may arise along the way.

Please help us provide these children in the Philippines with more nutritious meals by educating their mothers on healthy diets and giving them the tools to prepare those meals at home.

Your donation will: Ensure these children are served a daily meal rich in proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, and required caloric intake for six months. Increase all participants’ awareness and understanding of how to prepare nutritious meals and implement safe food handling, cooking, and its storage. Lastly, ability to establish and maintain a vegetable and fruit garden that will produce ongoing resources for preparing nutritious meals.

Project Goal Amount: $10,000     

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