Adoption Counseling Services

From its very beginning, Welcome House® has emphasized the importance of supporting adoptive families, even after their adoption is finalized. The adoption process is not always “smooth sailing”, but more serious issues may arise after the child comes home, whether for the parents, the adoptee, or siblings.

Families created through adoption face common issues and challenges that evolve along with the children's growth and development. Adoption-related counseling can address issues of grief and loss related to their birth family, identity formation, trusting others or feeling connected to others, or the fear of losing other people in one’s life. When issues related to one’s adoption are not addressed, there can be difficulty in developing relationships with others, resulting in misplaced anger, and the lack of self awareness. Not all struggles in life for the adoption triad are related to adoption, but it is important to explore this part of one’s experience to help reach a healthy resolution.

Counseling Services for Families in Southeastern PA

Counseling services are available for anyone whose life has been touched by adoption, regardless of the agency that you worked with for your adoption.The counseling fee is $90 for a 50 minute session. Evening and weekend appointments are available. For further information, please call 215-249-0100 to make an appointment or e-mail

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