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Love Knows No Distance

"On this earth, though far and near, without love, there's only fear." Pearl S. Buck

Philippines, October 2016

Twenty-one year old Delaila recently passed the licensure examination for teachers and is now a professional elementary teacher at Escuela De Santo Padre Pio Elementary School.

Delaila is a former sponsored child of Pearl S. Buck International in the Philippines. She was 8 years old when the Filipino-American Association of Bucks County, Inc. (FAABCI) began their sponsorship. FAABCI is an active humanitarian organization in Pennsylvania whose goal is to reach out to Filipinos who need help and support. Since then, one Filipino couple, Mr. and Mrs. Norma and Rick Yabut of FAABCI, has visited Delaila on a yearly basis. Through the years, this couple has witnessed Delaila’s struggles, difficulties, and victories along with the rest of their sponsored children.

Delaila is the second sibling of the five children of Bernabe and Brenda. Both parents work hard to assure the welfare of the family, however, with five children who all attend school, it is quite difficult to meet their basic needs. Her father works as a photographer and her mother is a Barangay health services volunteer. They do not have a steady income since the demand for photography fluctuates and the mother only receives a small allowance as a volunteer.

FAABCI’s support of Delaila’s education made all the difference, especially when she reached the tertiary level of education. Stella and Marcelo Mariano of FAABCI were committed to support the college education of Delaila who dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood. Through the continuous support of Mr. and Mrs. Mariano, Delaila was able to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Colegio De San Gabriel Archangel.

In April 2015, Delaila successfully earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. The support of Mr. and Mrs. Mariano did not stop at Laila’s graduation; they also decided to support Delaila’s examination preparation at the same college she graduated from. In March 2016, Delaila passed the licensure examination for teachers and was quickly hired in her chosen field to teach young minds, fulfilling her dream to be an educator.

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