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Diligence is Paving the Way to a Better Life

Thailand, July 2015

Higher Education and a Variety of Part-Time Jobs Are His Stepping Stones

Uttarerk, or Jo, is an 18 year old boy who grew up in a poor family with his mother and older brother. Ten years ago his father passed away leaving Jo’s mother alone to care for her sons. His father’s passing, taught Jo how to overcome difficulty, be patient, pay attention in school, and never lose hope as key to success.

In 2007, when Jo was 10 years old, he was enrolled in Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand’s child sponsorship program. The support from his Sponsor helped cover some of his school tuition, and pay for school supplies, transportation and a school uniform. Jo’s mother told him education would bring him great success, so he studied hard and earned good grades. Unlike Jo, his older brother didn’t want to study and often ran away from home, ignoring his mother’s pleas for help. Realizing his mom needed additional help, Jo took on many part time jobs while staying focused on his studies. These jobs included washing dishes, repairing computers and installing electricity lines and television circuit systems.

Jo is now in 9th grade and continues to stay focused on his education and works part-time to assist his mom with daily living expenses. He does not go out with friends, or indulge in drugs, alcohol or tobacco. He doesn’t buy expensive clothes or own a cell phone.

He is a good friend and a good example for his friends to follow. When he is not studying or working, Jo participates in all of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand workshops including health, nutrition and livelihood programs so he can continue to improve his life.

Jo says he will not give up and will continue to study and pursue computers and business in higher education so he and his family may have a better opportunity for a successful future. Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand will be there supporting Jo and his family every step of the way.

Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsorship Success Story