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China, January 2016

My name is Tang, and I am a student in Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ School in China. I once had a happy and carefree childhood, but when I was in junior middle school something changed the course of my life. My father lost his job and it was difficult for him to find a new job. I started to worry about being able to attend high school which isn’t free and I didn’t want to be a burden for my parents. I decided to apply for a scholarship to the Chongshi Girls’ School where I could be sponsored and perhaps get the financial help I needed. Fortunately I was awarded the scholarship and became sponsored by American friends through Pearl S. Buck International, transforming the lives of me and my family.

My teachers always tell me that “Knowledge changes destiny.” These words have deeply influenced me. I feel very happy to have skilled teachers who are very helpful, patient and generous with their time. They are not only my teachers, but also my good friends. When I have problems, I always turn to them for help and advice. With ambition and a passion for life, I continue to study hard, reminding myself that I want to be successful for myself and my parents.

Since I entered Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls’ School, I have made friends in my classes. We study and socialize together inside and outside of school. I am fortunate to have found such good friends at a great school. One of my friends told me, “If you want your room to be full of sunshine, you must open your window first.” I opened my window, and I feel the warmth of my generous sponsor in America who cares about me and motivates me to work harder.

I am honored to have this chance to express my gratitude to my generous Sponsors, and the Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsorship Program. They not only help me financially but have also taught me to understand the meaning of helping others. Of course, I am grateful for my dear parents, who gave me life. I hope that one day I can pass on this love and generosity so I can make a difference to others too.

Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsorship Success Story