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Donors Bring Hope to Thuy An Orphanage

Vietnam, April 2016

Inside Thuy An orphanage, walls are bare plaster and windows have no screens to keep out bugs and rodents. Each large slatted crib holds at least three young children. Few of the children growing up here can move freely on their own. Many have been diagnosed with developmental and physical challenges, including Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. Yet these struggling children are healthy and smiling, thanks to generous and compassionate donors supporting Pearl S. Buck International.

Donors who support nutrition, healthcare and education programs are improving the lives of children growing up in these orphanages, said Nguyen Thi Hanh, Interim Director Pearl S. Buck International Vietnam. “Your support has great meaning for these children, along with positive long-term effects on their growth.”

Child Sponsors also provide emotional support, Ms. Nguyen added. Sending and receiving letters brightens their day, providing solace “because they know there is still someone who takes care of them from far away.” Just knowing someone values them, these children—many of whom have been abandoned by their families—gain confidence and hope, Ms. Nguyen said. “In addition, it motivates them to study harder and become helpful people.”

The Feed an Orphan program funded through the Pearl S. Buck International’s Global Marketplace is one of the most successful projects. Proceeds have been targeted to Thuy An because that orphanage is now caring for 170 disabled children, including 20 infants, in urgent need of nutrition supplements and medical care.

Thuy An uses the proceeds to purchase milk powder and drinking milk. Each gift of $14 provides enough for one child for a full month. The additional nutrition literally transforms these malnourished children. “After just one month, the children gain weight and their health is much improved,” Ms. Nguyen said. “They rarely got sick and became more active in daily activities.”

As they grow healthier, the children gain energy, strength to cope with physical challenges and hope for their future. “They are more optimistic and have dreams like other children,” Ms. Nguyen said. “Many of the children are now healthy enough to participate in active classes, preschool and cultural and sports activities. After a while, we see them become more confident and dare to stand on the stages to perform dancing and singing taught by housemothers.”

On behalf of these children we would like to thank donors so much for their great support. We appreciate donors’ support of educational programs that reduce the disadvantages and increase the good conditions that lead to a well integrated community life. Together we will give children with special circumstances a better future.

Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsorship Success Story