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Huong's Story: Perseverance for Life

Vietnam, August 2016

Despite many hurdles, perseverance is an essential trait that Huong developed throughout her young life in Vietnam. At the age of two, Huang lost her father and her mother was unable to care for her, so she moved in with her grandparents. After living with her grandparents for several years, in 2005 they were unable to care for her, forcing them to ask for support from a local orphanage. Thanks to help from Pearl S. Buck International, life for Huong began to turn around.

Through the generous support of Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsors, Huong received daily nutritious meals. Not only were her meals provided, but their financial support also enabled the children from the orphanage to take fun field trips to the beach. Huong expressed her gratitude for the support of her sponsors by writing personal letters to them on a regular basis. Throughout this time, Huong persevered, optimistic about the prospects for her future, thanks to the inspiration her Sponsors provided in their regular letters sent to her each month.

In 2013, Huong graduated from high school and decided to study the culinary arts. She has achieved her goal and is now working at a restaurant, able to support herself and her loved ones. Thanks to the help provided by her Sponsors and Pearl S. Buck International, Huong maintained her health and can now follow her dreams. Pearl S. Buck International provides Huong and the other adolescents training and life skills so they can live independently when they leave the orphanage.

On behalf of children in orphanages, Huong would like to express her special thanks to Child Sponsors and Pearl S. Buck International for offering encouragement and meaning to their lives. Through the Pearl S. Buck International Child Sponsorship program, Huong and others are able to persevere through difficult times and embrace the opportunities available to transform their lives.

Vietnamese Orphan with Child Sponsors