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Forever Grateful for 16 Year Sponsorship

Philippines, June 2016

James, fondly called Jimz by friends and family, was born April 21, 1995 in the Queen City of Cebu in the Southern Philippines. As the eldest of seven siblings, he exemplifies the importance of perseverance as a means of attaining one’s dream. James’ father is a company driver and his mother is a homemaker. Having seven children in the family is difficult: raising them, sending them to school and sustaining their education. James’ father’s monthly income is barely enough for the basic necessities such as food, rent, transportation, water and electricity.

In 2000, James’ mother Cristina met the Pearl S. Buck International staff in Cebu. She applied for a Child Sponsor for James and was uplifted when she found out that Pearl S. Buck International offers educational support to Filipino children. Fortunately, Phyllis signed up as a Sponsor and supported him from age five for 16 years, until he graduated with academic distinction from college March 20, 2016. James earned a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Information Technology (bsit) from the University of the Visayas in Cebu. His family and Sponsor are so proud of him.

James and his family will be forever grateful to Phyllis for consistently supporting his education through elementary and secondary schools until he finished his chosen college courses. “One of my goals now is to work in the USA. I am deeply grateful to my sponsor, Phyllis, who became like a second Mom. Through my hard work and perseverance I know that I can fulfill that dream,” said James.

James believes his biological Mom’s attitude of being an achiever and a dreamer encouraged him to realize his dreams. He tried every opportunity that came his way to reach his goal. He experienced many hardships along this journey, but he did not dare give up. He survived every semester in college with remarkable grades and academic performance, even becoming a Student Assistant in school. He valued the time and money that Phyllis gave to him, spending it solely on his education, so that his parents’ income could be spent on his other siblings’ education. James’ parents are very thankful for Pearl S. Buck International and its Sponsorship Program. “I was able to send my other six children to school because James has a very generous and kind sponsor whose generosity not only helped him achieve his dream, but helped the entire family,” his mother said.

“All things are possible until they are proved impossible—and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.” Pearl S. Buck


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