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Gratitude Leads Nhi Towards her Dreams

Vietnam, August 2015

With a Passion for Helping Others and Studying Hard

Born in 2000 outside of Hanoi, Nhi did not know her father and lost her mother to disease at the young age of two. She lived with her elderly grandparents until 2009, when she was sent to the Birla Orphanage in Hanoi. Shy at first, Nhi soon grew accustomed to her new life where she was loved by everyone, including her two housemothers, Tuyet and Lan.

Through Pearl S. Buck International Vietnam, a Child Sponsor were identified for Nhi. Not having known the love and support of her birth parents, the gifts Nhi received from her Sponsors lifted her physically and emotionally. Their support also helped pay for her education

Education has been important to Nhi ever since she was small. She is a good student and participates in both school and orphanage activities. Nhi also has a natural talent for dance and music. She and her friends perform in music shows at the orphanage and receive high awards in performance. It is a great source of pride for the housemothers, uncles and aunts in the orphanage.

Nhi faced hurdles in seventh and eighth grades. Her mood and her grades dropped as she struggled through puberty. With encouragement and emotional support from the two housemothers and uncles, Nhi was soon back on track.

This year, she took a high school entrance exam, nailing the test with a score of 54.5. Along with this academic achievement, Nhi also won third prize in the Hanoi City Children’s Forum. These are two things that Nhi is the most proud of this year.

Despite the loss of her parents, Nhi is a good child and a good student. Music and dancing are her passions and she is enthusiastic to help the other children in the dance club. She also helps around the orphanage in her free time. She cooks, cleans, does the laundry and dishes, and takes care of the vegetable garden. She works hard, both at her studies and extra-curricular activities. On the weekends, Nhi seeks tutoring from college students who come to the orphanage.

Because of her Sponsor, Nhi receives vaccinations and takes various classes, such as cooking, takes field trips and more.

With gratitude to her Sponsor, housemothers, the Orphanage’s uncles and aunts, Nhi strives to realize her dreams. We wish her success in her every endeavor.