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Child Sponsorship:  Frequently Asked Questions 

Is child sponsorship an effective way to help? 

By sponsoring a child, you help bring long-term changes to a child’s life and their community—creating a happier and healthier environment in which to grow up.

Does aid really get through?

Yes. Pearl S. Buck International accounts for every dollar.  Audits are conducted regularly by external firms to verify the accuracy of Pearl S. Buck International's financial reporting. Our most recent annual report is available on line at

How are children chosen for sponsorship? 

Communities members help identify the most vulnerable children in the area. Then, the families of these children are asked if they'd like to be part of the child sponsorship program.   Families also ask to be enrolled once they learn how Pearl S. Buck has helped to improve their neighbor’s family’s life and their community.

How long do I sponsor a child?

Your relationship with a sponsored child may vary according to when children enter the program.  Most children are 12 years of age or younger and can be sponsored until the child graduates high school usually at the age of 18.  At that time you can choose to continue your relationship outside the auspices of our program if both you and the sponsored child agree and sign a consent form.

Do I get a progress report on my sponsored child? 

Sponsors receive two letters from their sponsored child per year, or two forms of nonverbal communication if the child is too young to write.  Sponsors also receive an introduction letter at the beginning of their sponsorship, introducing the child and his/her family and living situation, annual reports on the child's well-being and educational progress is provided.  An annual “News from the Field” newsletter is issued at the beginning of each New Year and includes a comprehensive update, informing sponsors about projects carried out in our respective Sponsorship countries. 

Can I get an official tax receipt for donation? 

Pearl S. Buck International issues a cumulative tax receipt for all your monthly child sponsorship payments and other donations annually.  The summary of your annual giving will be mailed to you no later than January 31st of the year for the previously completed calendar year.  It is important to note that monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual donors who pay their sponsorship by check will receive statements at the time of payment as well as a cumulative report by January 31st of the following year.

What if I can not make my child sponsorship payments? 

Should you be unable to make your regular child sponsorship payments on a temporary or permanent basis, please contact Pearl S. Buck International as soon as possible to explore a range of options we have available. 

Who are the children in the program? 

Most of the children we work with are part of single parent families, cared for by their mother, grandmother or aunt, or are children who live in orphanages.  The children PSBI serves are: ethnic/racial minorities, disabled, including those affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans and those in need of a permanent home with a loving family, as well as refugees, the displaced and the stateless.

What countries do the sponsored children live in?

Our sponsored children live in one of several countries in which we currently work: China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

How much of my payment will be used for administrative cost?

Pearl S. Buck International has received a consistent “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance ( and the American Institute of Philanthropy ( – two of the nations most well-known and respected charitable rating services.  86.4% of your donor dollar goes directly to program services; 5.5% is for administrative support and 8.1% is used for fundraising.  In comparison to other child sponsorship organizations, Pearl S. Buck ranks #1.  

I'm already a Sponsor. How can I manage my account online?

Visit your Account Page to manage your account and write a letter to your child.

What if I don't want to pay by Credit Card?
Pearl S. Buck International also accepts payment by check and EFT.  Please contact the Child Sponsorship Coordinator to set up your account at
I am currently a Sponsor and I want to automate my payments.

By completing the attached form, your monthly, quarterly or annual payment will be processed for you automatically. There will no longer be a need to send a check.  

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