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Pearl S. Buck:  A Life, A Legacy

The compelling biography of the first American woman to be awarded both the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes for literature. A humanitarian whose international foundation has changed the lives of more than two million children and families.

“Along with my co-producers, Robert G and Robert E Campbell, of the Continental Film Alliance, I wanted to do justice to Pearl Buck and it was quite a tall challenge that I set for myself to bring this literary icon to life, humanize her, cheer for her and cry with her and ultimately, make you a devoted fan of hers.”
Robert Child
Award-winning Author/Director

Written and Directed by Robert Child.  Hilary Styer-Zucco in the role of Pearl.

This DVD is now available in our Gift Shop for $20 plus tax, shipping & handling.  To order, please email our gift shop with your contact information and the staff will contact you to fulfill your order.


Pearl S. Buck:  A Life, A Legacy DVD

“Pearl S. Buck: A Life, a Legacy" ©2015 by Robert Child.