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Pearl S. Buck International is committed to offering curriculum-based educational activities which will build upon student’s understanding of other cultures and the importance of appreciating cultural diversity as they are also introduced to the fascinating world of historic house museums. The educational activities offered are based on Pennsylvania Academic Standards and are geared towards providing an enhancement to school curriculum and an extension of classroom learning.

All About Pearl S. Buck

History: K-3
PA History

History: 4-6
US History

History: 7-12
World History

Science: Grade 3-6
Activities and Answer Key
Observing Rocks Worksheet

Study Guides
The Big Wave
The Good Earth

Japanese Internment Camps

1 Japan Intern Unit
2 Japanese Internment Timeline
3 Japanese Internment Vocabulary
4 Japanese Internment DBQ
5 Japanese Internment DBQ Questions
6 Japanese Internment DBQ Essays
7 Japanese Internment Doc B
8 Japanese Internment Doc C
9 Japanese Internment Doc D
10 Japanese Internment Doc E
11 Japan Cartoons and Worksheet
12 Japan Photo Worksheet
13 Japan Posters and Worksheet
14 Japanese Internment Resources

Chinese Exclusion Act

1 Chinese Exclusion Cover Page
2 Chinese Exclusion DBQ
3 Chinese Exclusion Timeline
4 Chinese Exclusion Vocabulary
5 Chinese Exclusion Worksheets
6 Chinese Exclusion Related Sources
7 Chinese Exclusion Photos Worksheets
8 Chinese Exclusion Photos
9 Chinese Exclusion Cartoon Worksheet
10 Chinese Exclusion Cartoons
11 Chinese Exclusion Newspaper Worksheet
12 Chinese Exclusion Newspapers
13 Chinese Exclusion Posters Worksheet
14 Chinese Exclusion Posters
15 Chinese Exclusion Document Worksheets
16 Chinese Exclusion Documents

Student Created Lesson Plans

These lessons were designed by Central Bucks South High School student Jiaui Wang.

Science: K-3

Science: 4-6

Science: 7-12
Invention of the Compass
The Lunar Calendar

Exploring other Cultures
Chinese Zodiac
Chopsticks Activity

If you are unable to download any of these materials from our website, please e-mail us at and a packet of materials will be sent to you.