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Help Build a Bathroom for Children in Thuy An Orphanage

Project Summary: A group of disabled children living at Thuy An Orphanage need your help. These children live in two concrete block rooms without running water. There is just one small toilet room for 45 children, and more than 20 children must be transported across an open courtyard to reach that toilet. Your support will add a new bathroom, making life easier and more sanitary for these children and the staff who care for them. 

Who Needs Your Help: More than 150 children, including 80 with debilitating cerebral palsy and 30 infants, receiving full-time care, shelter and rehabilitation services at Thuy An Orphanage.

Built in a large mountainous area in Ba Vi, approximately 50 km from downtown Hanoi, the Thuy An orphanage is divided into three main sections that house the administrative offices, housing and general living space. 


Although rooms are equipped with water heaters, there is no water available in the rooms and the space is insufficient for rehabilitation, meals and hygiene care. 

Project Outcome:  With your support, the Thuy An Orphanage will have facilities for basic sanitation and hygiene care to improve the health of children living there.  The bathroom will be attached to the existing structure and built out of brick. 

It will contain one window, a door, corrugated iron roof, and will be outfitted with enameled tile surfaces, one waste water container, a tap set, water pipe, hot running water from a 2500 liter water tank and hot water heater, and electricity. A privacy fence will also be built around this exterior bathroom.

To monitor this project, staff will evaluate the improvement in the children’s living environment during field visits and submit quarterly reports on the status of children.

Price tag: $5,200