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Global Marketplace

Vaccinate a Child in Vietnam
Preventable diseases are threatening the lives of children living in Vietnam orphanages. You can give them a fighting chance by ensuring they receive basic immunizations.
Donate Socialization Activities for orphans in Vietnam
Enhance the psychosocial development of one child in a Vietnam orphanage by supporting seasonal, holiday social activities and community field trips.
Donate School Shoes for a Philippines Child

Enable students in the Philippines to own and wear new shoes to school instead of slippers as they do now.

Bring a smile to the face of a child in a Vietnamese orphanage with a jump rope that promotes physical fitness and fun! 
 Donate HIV/Aids Prevention Education for a Thai Child
 Support the delivery of a series of HIV/AIDS prevention workshops to children and families living in Thailand impacted by HIV/AIDS.
Help educate a Philippines Child with Tutorial Enrichment 
Enable a child in the Philippines to attend an six week Math and English tutorial program to ensure that they get promoted to the next grade level.
Buy a Personal Hygiene Kit for a Philippines Child
Ensure that children in the Philippines receive a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, alcohol wipes, and basic instructions on use.

Global Marketplace

Donate School Lunches for Thai Students
Help support integrated agriculture lesson plans in schools in Thailand where students plant gardens, raise livestock, and use the food grown to eat nutritious lunches.
Buy Educational Supplies for Vietnamese Orphans
Your generous donation will provide children in Vietnam orphanages with school bags, notebooks, pencils, crayons, exercise uniforms for one school year.
Buy School Clothing for a Student in Thailand
Enable students in Thailand to own 2 required school uniforms, 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of socks and 1 belt during a school year to ensure that they stay in school.
Buy Sandals for a Vietnamese Orphan
Your generous donation will provide a child living in an orphanage in Vietnam with a new pair of sandals to protect their feet.
Your donation will help children in the Philippines to maintain good health through a comprehensive medical and dental check-up.
Feed a Vietnam Orphan for a month 
Ensure that one child living in an orphanage in Vietnam receives a month of nutritious meals to enhance their physical and mental development.

Your donation will provide students in the Philippines with a school bag, 12 notebooks, pencils/pens, and art materials, ensuring that they stay in school and have the tools they need to learn.