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"The test of a


is in the way that it

cares for its

helpless members."


- Pearl S. Buck


Humanitarian Aid

Become a Project Partner

Families and children living in desperate poverty need your help with projects both big and small – from creating community gardens and improving sanitary conditions to purchasing school supplies and getting vaccinated against deadly diseases.

Your donation goes directly to the project you select and makes a difference right away.

You can choose a big project:

Backyard Gardening Project in the Philippines – Manganvaca is a resettlement area in Olongapo City, Zambales who were displaced since the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.  The families we serve make a very low income. Help our sponsored families produce healthy food for their children to reduce malnutrition and eventually help the families earn an additional source of income from the harvesting of vegetables in their gardens.

Life Skills Education for Children Living in Vietnamese Orphanages – When children spend most of their days within their school or orphanage, they miss out on real-world experiences and don’t develop adequate social skills. They lack confidence and a sense of being loved. As a result, they tend to be unable to handle their emotions. They have higher rates of depression and anger. In fact, 80% of children in Vietnamese orphanages lack life skills that allow them to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life. These children need you. If you support this program, they can learn the kinds of things that aren’t taught in schools.

Thailand Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation for Karen Children & Villagers in Mae Ramard – The Karen Hill Tribe in this village suffer every year when water supplies dry up from March until June every year. In this dry water supply period, villagers only are able to gather water from 2 wells, 5 meters deep, hand dug by villagers. They wait in a long queue of people to dip up water for drinking and daily use. This project will provide 90 children and 523 villagers access to clean drinking and water for daily living at Nong Laung village in Mae Ramard district, Tak province.

Or, you can choose a smaller project from our Global Marketplace.  Your donation of school supplies, school uniforms and tutorial sessions will enable children to go to school and realize their fullest potential.

Any and all gifts are meaningful.
Thank you for bringing hope and creating brighter futures for these children and families.

If you have questions, please contact Jill Reeder at 215-249-0100 x166 or email to

Provide aid to children and families in Asia.