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Project Success Stories

Reed Elsevier Funds Computers and Classes for Four Orphanages

Children living in orphanages often don’t have the same opportunities as their peers in school and the community. This can lead to feelings of inferiority, based not on ability but on access. Reed Elsevier Cares has played a big role in helping to equal the playing field for orphans housed in several orphanages in Vietnam. A technology grant from this multinational information and analytics company provided funds for Pearl S. Buck Vietnam to purchase 15 computers, 12 months of WiFi service, and class instruction for children in the Tay Dang Orphanage, the Birla Orphanage, the Center Number 3 Orphanage, and the Thuy An Orphanage. The children of these orphanages took 7 courses which instructed them on basic and advanced computer skills, including understanding MS Office and conducting internet searches. The children thrived. Knowledge and skill tests conducted after the trainings showed that 98.5 percent of the children scored from Good to Excellent on their computer skills. And this grant will keep on giving: the computers have an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years, in which time the children of these orphanages can access these computers to continue learning about technology, and to support their educational efforts in school.

Thank you Reed Elsevier Cares for helping the abandoned children of Vietnam!

Reed Elsevier Funds Computers and Classes for Four Vietnam Orphanages

Gardens of Hope

Chairman of the Pearl S. Buck International Board of Directors David Breidinger witnessed malnutrition amongst the children in the Philippines first hand and had an idea: to rally his friends to fund a gardening project that addresses the nutritional needs of the community. As a result of you, the sponsors and donors who contribute to Pearl S. Buck International throughout the year, our second quarter was excitement-filled as we enhanced our nutrition program with a backyard gardening component. Seventy families from Madapdap and Marcos Village attended Bio Intensive Gardening training and as a result, 50 families cultivated backyard vegetable gardens. In August vegetables began to grow supplementing the family’s meals and improving their health with increased consumption of healthier food. Additionally, 50 malnourished children from Pampanga and Olongapo received nutrient-rich meals, over a six-month period resulting in 100% gaining weight thereby reducing the number of malnourished children. 

Typhoon Haiyan

Read about the 2013 typhoon relief project's success and to see photos.

Disaster Preparedness

The children and families who participated in the Disaster Preparedness training in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines have asked us to extend their heartfelt appreciation to the donors of Pearl S. Buck International who made it all possible! 

On July 21, 2012, our Philippines affiliate office conducted a seminar in partnership with guest speakers from the Red Cross (Ormoc) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-Region 8) who were invited to discuss disaster preparedness, disease prevention, and the importance of environmental protection.  Attendees were issued rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas which will help protect them from water born diseases. Each child and family member felt very fortunate to receive these tools. The attendees really enjoyed planting 200 fruit bearing tree seedlings in the Brangay Lao after having learned why it is so important to preserve natural resources and the adverse impact on the environment when too many trees are cut down.

Although the city of Ormoc remains in the path of natural disasters, the children and families who received this invaluable training feel far more prepared to manage the storms they may encounter.

Ban Khanaejue School Playground

On behalf of the teachers, students, and villagers, Pearl S. Buck International extends a heartfelt thank you to our Project Partner donors.  Your generous support enabled us to install a playground for 500 children to enjoy at the Ban Khanaejue School in a remote and mountainous region of Tak Province, 30 kilometers from the Mae Ramard district of Thailand.  It is evident by the smiling faces of these children, that the installation of this colorful playground equipment, comprised of 2 single swing sets, 1 double swing set, an eight seated teeter totter, 1 sliding board, 2 tunnels, and one set of monkey bars is bringing much joy to the lives of these students. The playground is also serving the local village inhabitants who are very poor.  Each family earns roughly $300-$600 per year from selling corn crops which is barely enough to sustain the household needs, let alone even think about purchasing toys for their children. This playground has introduced these children to a new world of social interaction, and physical exercise while at the same time it has brought an entire village closer together, as families now meet and discuss ways in which they could work together to improve their lives and those of their children.

Khanh Vinh House of Love

As a result of the great support of our Project Partners, Pearl S. Buck International is pleased to report that 32 orphans from the Khanh Vinh House of Love orphanage, located in the Khanh Hoa province of Vietnam, are very happy and smiling radiantly these days as they enjoy brand-new bicycles, sturdy new bunk beds, and ample bookshelves just to mention a few items made possible through the successful completion of this project.

Our Project Partners have enabled the Khanh Vinh House of Love to be outfitted with 10 bicycles, one bookcase, 10 bookshelves, 10 study tables and 30 study chairs, 10 bunk beds, 30 dining chairs, one food cabinet and one cupboard to serve their needs. Each of the children now has a comfortable bed to sleep in and a sanitary location for dining and storage. A small library with 239 titles of research books was also built for the children to utilize during their leisure time.  In addition, 30 sleeping mats, 30 blankets, and 20 mosquito nets are now available and helping to keep the children warm during cold nights and deterring pesky biting insects that often carry diseases.

Pearl S. Buck International is confident our donors will share in our joy now that these improvements have taken place at Khanh Vinh House of Love.  The children also wish to express their deep appreciation for the great support of all our donors.

Khanh Son House of Love

Pearl S. Buck International is pleased to report on its successful partnership with you our donors and the Khanh Son House of Love orphanage. The goals of this project partnership were meant to improve the living conditions of this orphanage and to meet some urgent needs of the children. First Aid kits, fans, tables, chairs, bedroom wardrobes (upright dressers), mattresses, blankets, and bookcases were secured and have made the children’s living quarters much more comfortable and conducive for after school studies and leisure time. Jackets, raincoats, school uniforms, school bags and bicycles were also provided to the children and have greatly enhance their well being as they are better protected from the harsh mountainous winter months and as they are able to ride bicycles to and from school rather than walking. On behalf of the children, Pearl S. Buck International wishes to express their heartfelt appreciation to all of the donors who have helped to brighten their lives and to make this project a reality. Click to learn more about becoming a Project Partner!

Ninh Hoa Social House

In February 2008, Pearl S. Buck International highlighted a new Project Partnership opportunity in Vietnam. The Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs planned to construct a small-scale model of a foster family in the district of Ninh Hoa. Once constructed, the Ninh Hoa Social House would provide a place to live, as well as education and health care, for children living in the area. Pearl S. Buck International's portion of this project was to raise the funds to construct a playground, provide the playground equipment, furnish the orphanage, and provide educational materials. Three months later, we were informed that the United States Navy had offered to provide funding and materials to complete most of the project!

On June 19, 2008, U.S.N.S. Mercy, a hospital ship that often deploys on philanthropic voyages, arrived in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The crew donated five pallets of items that were distributed among the children in our orphanages in Nha Trang, Ninh Hoa, and Khanh Son. These items included clothing, toiletries, paper products, toys, and equipment such as sewing machines.

At the Ninh Hoa Social House, not only did the crew provide funding to construct the playground, but they assembled the playground equipment and other structures. Through their generosity, the Navy fulfilled most of the needs of our Ninh Hoa Project Partnership program. Opportunity House completed the project by purchasing the remaining needed furniture and supplies with funds that had already been raised in the United States. They have been provided with facilities such as a TV and DVD player, a washing machine, fans, a hot water tank, etc. In addition, they were also provided with new uniforms, school bags and bicycles to go to school with their friends in the community. The children are very happy living in the house, but it took them a few weeks to get used to operating modern facilities such as the washing machine, DVD player and hot water tank, because they never used anything like them before. Click to learn more about becoming a Project Partner!

Living Conditions Improved for 500 Orphans in 4 Orphanages

This project was implemented in the following four orphanages in Hanoi, Vietnam: Birla Children’s Village, Nguyen Viet Xuan Orphanage and Boarding School, Tay Dang Children’s Center and Binh Luc Orphanage.

We provided educational aids and school supplies such as books, notebooks, pens, pencils, desks and chairs, as well as school uniforms and sandals. Sewing machines and material, as well as vocational training for sewing, were also supplied.

We constructed a covered clothes drying area so the children can always have clean, dry clothes (even during the rainy season), we installed a fence around a donated swimming pool for the safety of the children, and we built a storage area for donated bicycles to help keep them in good working condition.

We also improved recreational activities and facilities by adding such sports equipment as swings, slides, ping pong tables and badminton sets, as well as implementing music, art and dance classes.

Training in Small Business Management

Our affiliate office in Thailand, the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Thailand (PSBFT), offers various programs and activities for People Living With Aids (PLWA) to better their lives and prepare for the future of their loved ones, particularly their children.

This past year a grant in the amount of $18,500 was received from Alternative Gifts International (AGI) to support PSBFT’s livelihood projects for PLWA.  With these funds, PLWA organized into self-help groups to learn livelihood skills for small businesses to earn additional income. 

Each PLWA group ready to begin a small business was able to apply for a low-interest loan through a revolving fund.  PLWA groups now have the confidence and resources to better their lives despite the fact that they are HIV/AIDS positive.  PLWA groups are slowly re-integrating into the community, demonstrating a more positive outlook on life and securing a hopeful future for their children.